Questions about Notification Templates
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Questions about Notification Templates


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Product: Clarity PPM
Keywords: Timesheets; Notification Templates

Clarity PPM provides templates for specific notifications that the system sends out to end users. These templates can be found at Administration -> Data Administration -> Notifications page. Here are some common questions that arise for the usability of these templates and answers to them.


Version: 15.9.0


1. Is it possible to deactivate certain Notification Templates?
Answer: No. The best that can be done is to put a general text in the template body and subject, such as a full stop. This will however not stop the notifications from going out

2. Is it possible to include the actual "Notes" from Timesheets in a Notification to end users through these templates?
Answer: No. The $[Timesheet.has_notes] syntax is only a flag that sets to "True" if there is a note on a specific Timesheet for which the notification is going out.