SLM Calculations not working - UIM 20.1
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SLM Calculations not working - UIM 20.1


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Running version 20.10, Robot 9.30 HF4 sla_engine 20.10 HF1. Having issues that the SLA and SLO are not  calculating at all. 

When setting up the Quality of Service Object under SLO, the QOS_NTSERVICE_STATE and the source from the selection dropdown like "mnxrcel02" and then the service, That all works well.

The data under Quality of Service seems to be causing the mismatch in data and therefore the calculation cannot get the data and are failing.



Release : 20.1

Component : UIM - UMP_SLM


This solution provided has been confirmed to resolve the problem reported. Please refer to the following CA Unified Infrastructure Management Hotfix Index to deploy Hotfix: ump_slm_20.10_HF1 and proceed with the steps below:

Steps to apply the current patch:
1. Deactivate the wasp probe in the UMP Robot.
2. In the UMP Robot, back up the following folders to another location:
3. Delete 'work' folder from the location <UIM>/probes/service/wasp/   
4. In the Primary HUB Robot, back up the following:
5. Import the current hotfix ( to the archive.
6. Deploy the hotfix package to the UMP Robot.
7. Verify that the following file in the UMP Robot has been updated:
8. Activate the wasp probe in the UMP Robot.

The HF will use the FQDN in s_qos_data  source field instead of cm_computer_system name to show source in drop down and to use it qos_contraint further.