What CA Service Desk Manager (CA SDM) connection settings are preferred on the CA SDM CABI Universe?
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What CA Service Desk Manager (CA SDM) connection settings are preferred on the CA SDM CABI Universe?


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CA SDM embeds CA Business Intelligence (CABI) for reporting needs. The CA SDM CABI Universe offers a few settings on the Universe Connection it uses to connect to CA SDM. This document explains what settings are recommended.

To access these settings, you need to import the CA SDM CABI Universe from the CABI Server using the CABI Designer tool.

Once the Universe is imported, access these settings by navigating to FILE -> PARAMETERS -> and the click the EDIT button below the 'CA Service Desk Connection' option.


Release: UAPMAC990JPP-12.6-Asset Portfolio Management-Asset Configuration


  1. On the 'Edit CA Service Desk connection' dialog box, click the BACK button.


  2. After a few seconds, the 'Database Middleware Selection' dialog box will appear.


  4. Click NEXT.

  5. Set the appropriate Authentication mode. In most scenarios, it will be set to ' Use specified username and password' and will include a hardcoded Service Desk userid/password to connect CABI to CA SDM.

  6. Select the appropriate Data Source name (i.e. casd_SDMHostname).

  7. Click the TEST CONNECTION button to ensure connectivity success and click NEXT. If there are any errors, correct them before clicking NEXT.

  8. On the 'Configuration Parameters' dialog box, set the options as indicated below


    'Array fetch size' could be increased to 150 or 250 if needed (default is 10). Array fetch size is the maximum number of rows authorized with each fetch.
    'Array bind size' could also be increased to 150 or 250 if needed (default is 5). Array bind size is the size of the bind array that Connection Server uses before sending to the repository.
    'Login timeout' specifies the number of seconds before a connection attempt times out. 600 minutes is very high - normally SDM authentication happens within a couple of seconds.

  9. Click NEXT.

  10. On the 'Custom Parameters' dialog box, leave the defaults and click FINISH.

  11. The 'Universe Parameters' window appears. Click on the TEST button below the connection option to ensure connectivity success.

  12. Click OK and then FILE -> SAVE.

  13. Export the Universe changes to the CABI repository by selecting FILE-> EXPORT and following the prompts.