URL from Performance Management View Generate URL option browser error
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URL from Performance Management View Generate URL option browser error


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Users have been complaining when Generate URL from a chart, occasionally, the URL rendered in this error

I tried the link that he generated, I got the same error.

The link I generated as Administrator works all the time, I have not run into issue like this.

I have other users that occasionally, get this error.

Error seen is "You no longer have access to this Tenant Group".


All supported Performance Management releases


Using the URL from a Views Generate URL option in a browser with an existing open Performance Center UI log in as an existing user.


According to the "Generate a URL for a View" section of the Share Data with Other Users documentation it states the following.

  • To share a view with users who do not have access to a dashboard, generate a URL for the view. The URL recreates the selected view on demand. The URL lets you add the view to a web page or intranet site to share performance data.
  • A security token is included with each URL. This token is based on the user who is logged in at the time of URL generation. Any user who accesses the exported view sees the same data as the user who exported the URL.

The error is raised when the URL is opened in a browser where a different user than the one who created the URL is logged in. This conflict generates the error.

This is also why URLs generated by a user that also launches them in a browser with an open logged in PC web UI won't see the errors.

Two options exist to avoid this error.

  1. Launch the URLs in a browser with:
    1. Cleared cache and...
    2. No existing open tabs with a Performance Center web UI log where a user different than the user that generated the URL is logged in.
  2. Launch the URL in a new Incognito browser with no knowledge of Performance Center user log ins.