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Fast Channel connections fail at startup of CA Service Desk Manager (CA SDM)


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After installing and configuring CA SDM, when starting up the CA Service Desk Services, messages in the logs appear such as the following:

06/12 10:00:47.61 CAUSDPRIMARY1. bpvirtdb_srvr       13532 SIGNIFICANT          api.c                 1916 Fast channel failed

Fast Channel is a communication protocol used within the CA SDM product to allow for the internal processes running on the servers to communicate with each other, without the use of the SLUMP connection. This bypassing of the SLUMP connection takes a "middle-man" out of the picture allowing for direct communication, in turn with much higher performance and speed. When Fast Channel connections are not available, the system will still operate normally, but will have reduced performance in certain areas. Tasks such as running pdm_extracts or pdm_loads, along with doing searches via the GUI will have reduced performance that may be noticeable to users.

Fast Channel connections use internal ports at the OS level for this direct communication from one process to another. When Fast Channel is unable to open or access a port at the OS level, it will fail to make that connection, and thus communication via SLUMP must be done in order for the internal processes within the product to send and receive messages to and from each other.


Here are some known items that can contribute to a condition where Fast Channel connections fail:

  1. In the nx.env, the "NX_NO_FASTCHANNEL=Yes" is uncommented and put in use (if commented out, Fast Channel will not be disabled)
  2. Intrusion prevention and other security software may be in place that does not allow the Fast Channel connections to open and use internal ports


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