ModernUX Timeline Tasks and Scroll Bars
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ModernUX Timeline Tasks and Scroll Bars


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Clarity PPM SaaS


We are having navigation issue in the New UX, the Timeline view scroll bar does not scroll to the bottom of the task list. The scroll bar is missing from view but even when in view, it does not help scrolling to the end of the task list. At 100% browser zoom, we cannot see the last new task created. The scroll bar is all the way to the bottom. However at 90% zoom you can see the last task created.


1. Create a timeline making sure the periods go past the end of the screen.
2  Scroll to the last period

Expected Results: Horizontal scroll available on bottom of the screen to scroll forward
Actual Results: No Horizontal scroll so you cannot see to the end of the timeline. Horizontal scroll only shows when you have a task details flyout open

Workaround: Change the view to larger periods (if weekly change to monthly)

 1. Use a project that has at least 25 tasks
 2. Note the last task in the timeline
 3. Insert a new task either at the top using the + button or insert within the hierarchy using sibling
 4. Note the last task
 5. Insert several new tasks
 6. Use the vertical scroll to go to the bottom

Expected Result: You can scroll to the bottom
Actual Result:  You cannot scroll all the way to the bottom.

If the tasks are in a hierarchy, keep the tasks collapsed. However this is not a viable work around as many times the users need to see the tasks.


Release : 15.8.1 and 15.9
Component : Clarity Application


This is caused by DE58379 


This was analyzed by Engineering and found to be related to a system setting.

On a Mac there is a global setting in System Settings > General which controls when to show scroll bars.

With the default setting of "Automatically based on mouse or trackpad" or "When scrolling" the problem is reproducible. 

With it set to always show scrollbars it is not.  

There is a similar global setting on Windows.