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After upgrading from ITPAM 2.x/3.x to ITPAM 4.x, classic connector icons are showing as red stop signs.


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If you plan to upgrade from PAM 2.x/3.x to PAM 4.x, please keep in mind that you should also upgrade any PAM classic connectors, currently used, to the corresponding 4.0 version of the connector.

The PAM classic connectors must be upgraded after upgrading to PAM 4.X and before making changes to any processes that leverage these connectors.

Failure to upgrade the PAM Classic connectors before editing any processes that leverage these connectors will result in the modified processes displaying 'Stop sign' icons in place of the desired Connector icons after the Connector is upgraded to the 4.0 version. Please note that this affects display only. Processes will continue to work as designed.

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Figure 1


To reproduce the issue:

  1. Upgrade to PAM 4.x.
  2. Login to PAM 4.x.
  3. Open a process that contains some classic connector operators. You'll see the classic connector operators with the old icons (these icons are actually stretched a little to accommodate the new/bigger size of operators in PAM 4.x).
  4. If you close the process without saving any changes, then the process is not upgraded to the new PAM 4.x UI format.
  5. However, if you make a change to the process and then save it, the process will then be upgraded to the new PAM 4.x format. In this case, the new format will use the old icons because that's what's packaged in the old jar of the classic connector.
  6. Install the new PAM 4.x compatible classic connector, which comes with the new icons (these icons use different file names from the old icons), but at this point, we have two cases:

    1. g. If you modify/save a process that you did not previously modify/save (as is the case in step 4), then the process will be upgraded to the new PAM 4. x UI format with the new icons, which were introduced in the new classic connector jar file during the upgrade of the classic connector.

  7. h. If you modify/save a process that was previously modified/saved in step 5, then the process has already been upgraded to the new PAM 4.x format, hence, PAM does not upgrade it again. The issue here is that the process was upgraded with the old icons, which no longer exist in PAM, as the classic connector jar was upgraded to the new PAM 4.x compatible version of the jar, which:

    1. Has the new icons

  8. Does not have the old icons

  • The file names of the new icons are different from the file names of the old icons.

So when you open one of these processes, PAM does not find the old icons and instead it shows the default 'Stop sign' icon.

Again this is only a cosmetic issue, and the operators described in step 6b will execute properly. To avoid this issue, you must upgrade the PAM classic connectors to the 4.0 version before making any changes to processes that use these connectors.


Release: ITPASA99000-4.1-Process Automation-Add On License for-CA Server Automation


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