How to set max parallel tasks to unlimited in HOSTG or JOBG
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How to set max parallel tasks to unlimited in HOSTG or JOBG


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


This inconsitency concerns missing details JOBG documentation about the attribute "Allow - - Maximum number of simultaneous executions of jobs within the group"

From the documentation about Job Attributes we see about "Allow <x> simultaneous executions":

You can read the following

Allowed values:

0-999 for Jobs within a Job Group
99999 for all other object types

Inconsistencies observed

When a JOBG are opened per default the values in this field is 'unlimited'.
When the values is left to 'unlimited' in the JOBG attributes settings, each member JOBS of the JOBG is started and remains status 'registered', it behaves as if the values would be 0.


The documentation does not explain the real behavior (allow 0 jobs in parallel causes the started JOBs to stay in status 'registered'.
'Unlimited' as default value should appear in the default attribute settings because this behavior does not exist.
In the JOBG attributes settings a popup should come up informing the user what is the effect of using 0 as a value

So the behavior of AWI is misleading, JOBG cannot have the Value 0 and also unlimited is displayed wrongly.

It shows "unlimited" but starts nothing just as 0.



Release : 12.3 Component : AWI



This is a bug of the AWI


Resolution : A bug has been fixed where the maximum number of simultaneous executions of jobs within a job group was not correctly displayed if the value was 0.

Fix will be available in versions of the AWi :

12.3.9 available

21.0.3 available


Additional Information

Please keep always AE and AWI versions aligned as this has been documented