XCOM SENDJOB displays error XCOMM5503E but 0 return code.
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XCOM SENDJOB displays error XCOMM5503E but 0 return code.


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An XCOM SENDJOB TYPE=SCHEDULE completed with message XCOMM5503E but the transfer ended with RC=00.

Is there any way to prevent the job from ending RC=00, or we can get an alert in cases like this? 


Release : 12.0

Component : CA XCOM Data Transport for z/OS


The RC=00 was returned from the TYPE=SCHEDULE, not from the SENDJOB


The JOB issued a TYPE=SCHEDULE, which received a RC=00, meaning the transfer was successfully scheduled to the server (not that it ran and completed). The XCOM server log revealed the transfer itself failed and received an error.

Additional Information

To continue only if the transfer is successful, then either

  • Submit the transfer request as a TYPE=EXECUTE not TYPE=SCHEDULE and check the return code before proceeding
  • With TYPE=SCHEDULE Perform an additional XCOM INQ on the transfer to see if it completes successfully before moving on to the next step in the job.