Task duration is displayed incorrectly in Clarity
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Task duration is displayed incorrectly in Clarity


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Clarity PPM On Premise


We have a project with the region updated as the Middle East. The resource assigned to the task has the calendar as 'UAE' with Friday and Saturday marked as non-working days. The tasks in this region typically start on Sunday as Sunday is the first working day. We have observed that while saving back a project after adjusting the task Start and Finish date, Clarity cuts down a day or adds 1. 

Duration in MSP and PPM does not match.

For Example: If a task has a start date of Nov 8th, 2020 i.e. Sunday and a finish date as Nov 11, 2020 (Thursday), the duration should be 5 days as Sunday is a working day but Clarity reduces it down to 4 days.


Release : 15.8.1



Currently in order for non workdays to be taken into account when computing the Task duration, the base calendar of Clarity needs to have the specific days set as non working days.

It would not be possible to set the 'UAE' calendar non work days only for it to take effect in Clarity.

The Calendar that has attribute 'Standard' ticked is the base calendar and not just a Calendar with the name 'Standard'.