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What are the different methods of applying the 12.5 SP1 C1 patch on agents? What do I need to do to make Win8/2012 agents compatible?


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The 12.5 SP1 C1 upgrade is available as a patch - RO58898, which can be downloaded from the following location.

**Note: If you have 12.0 SP1 or 12.5 GA agents, you need to first install 12.5 SP1 or one of the versions listed above on the agents (including Win8/2012 machines). Once the agents have been upgraded, 12.5 SP1 C1 can be installed on them using one of the 3 methods outlined below.

Following are the pre-requisite agent versions for 12.5 SP1 C1 patch installation:

  • CA ITCM R12.5 SP1
  • CA ITCM R12.5 SP1 Feature Pack1- RO49803

    • Download the patch and extract it to a folder using:

      cazipxp -u RO58898.CAZ

    • Apply the patch in the following hierarchical order as documented in the release notes on page 19:

        1. Enterprise manager

        1. Domain Manager

        1. Image Prepare System (IPS)

        1. Web Console or Web Services

        1. Remote Engine

        1. SXP Packager

        1. DSM Explorer

        1. Scalability Server

      1. Agent

        You must also upgrade the Patch Manager instances and CIC.

The release notes are in the folder Patch\documentation subfolder.

Note: If the MDB is remote, update the MDB first.

  • Once the Domain Manager is upgraded, the packages will be registered in the Software Package Library and the Deployment Wizard.
  • Deploy the C1 patch on the 12.5SP1 (or the supported version) agents using one of the following methods:


  1. Using Software Delivery Job

    Deploy the Software Delivery package "CA DSM R12.5 SP1 C1 Windows Agent + Server + Explorer 12.5.1110.142" to the agents.

    <Please see attached file for image>

    Figure 1
  2. Using the Deployment Wizard

    Deploy the package CA DSM R12.5 SP1 C1 Windows Agent + Server + Explorer for Windows to the Win8/Win2012 machine.

    <Please see attached file for image>

    Figure 2
  3. Using the Deploywrapper.exe command line

    Copy the "..\DSM\Packages\Public\CAUnicenterDSM\sp1c1_patch\12.0\ENU\Windows_x86" folder to the target.

    <Please see attached file for image>

    Figure 3

    From the command prompt browse to the folder and run "Deploywrapper.exe /INST CopiedAgents /qn ALLUSERS=1 SP1C1_PATCH c:\sample.res "

    Where 'c:\sample.res' is a dummy output response file which is mandatory.
    The deploywrapper.exe installation log is captured in %Temp%\ITRC_DeployWrapper_ITRM.log and SP1_C1 log is captured in %Temp%\ca_itrm_sp1c1_patch_trace.log.

    ***Note: The last parameter (c:\sample.res) is used to emulate the behavior of .res file generated under "DSM\Agents\units\00000001\usd\sdjexec" and this file (sample.res) is not created while installing the agent using the deploywrapper.exe command.

    When the spc_c1 patch is deployed via the Deployment Wizard or Software Delivery, this .res file is passed as an output file. However, when we use deploywrapper.exe, to manually run the sp1_c1 patch update, many of the function calls responsible to write the output in the .res file are skipped. Due to this reason, the output file (last argument) is not created.

    Upgrading the agents without upgrading the Domain Manager
    If you do not want to upgrade the Domain Manager/Scalability Server, you can register the agents to the Domain Manager using the procedure outlined on Page 267 in the release notes - "Manual Registration of the R12.5 SP1 C1 Packages into SD or Infrastructure Deployment Library". Once the package is registered follow one of the methods listed above.

    For Win8/2012
    Deploy 12.5SP1 or one of the supported versions on the Win8/2012 machines. Once the agent is installed, it will be registered as an unclassified OS.
    Deploy the Software delivery procedure within the C1 Software package - "Install C1 on Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012" to the Win8/2012 machine or use method 2 or 3 listed above.

    This enables the SD/Deployment job to run against the unclassified OS. Once it succeeds, upon the next agent registration the Win8/2012 agent will reflect the correct OS and you'll have full functionality.

    Remember you have to drill down into the procedures section of the C1 Software Delivery package and copy-paste the actual procedure to the machine, since "Install C1 on Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012" is not the default procedure.

    To verify C1 installation

    Execute 'dsmver'. An entry 'CA_Client_Automation_r12_5_SP1C1' should be added in the components list.

    <Please see attached file for image>

    Figure 4


Component: TNGAMO


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