No 15 minute data on a 3 Tier NFA 9.1.2+ Environment


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When installing or upgrading to a new 3 Tier Distributed NFA 9.1.2+ Environment you may find that you are not seeing 15 minute resolution historical data.

In this case you may still see 1 minute resolution data, which indicates the Harvester is collecting data fine, but the DSA is not pulling the data.

This may be caused by a failed upgrade of the Harvester server or an improper initial installation where the Harvester believes its being installed in a 2 Tier Environment.

Under normal circumstance for an upgrade or new install this should not happen.


This is most likely caused by an incorrect setting in the Harvester server's 'harvester' database.

The 'parameter_descriptions' table holds some settings that control whether the Harvester will operate as a two tier system or if it will pass the 15 minute data to the NFA console and then to the DSA.

To determine what settings are set for your Harvester you can run the following query on the Harvester server.

     mysql -P3308 harvester

     select parameter, defaultvalue from parameter_descriptions where parameter in ('enableRPR', 'enableArchive15');
     A 3 Tier Environment should return the follwing:
     enableArchive15    | N
     enableRPR          | Y
     A 2 Tier Environment should return the following:
     enableArchive15    | Y
     enableRPR          | N


If you verify that your Harvester in a 3 Tier Environment doesn't match up with the example of what a 3 Tier Environment's settings should be you can follow the steps below to correct this:

  1. Login to the Harvester server, open a command prompt and login to the 'harvester' database with the command:

    mysql -P3308 harvester

  2. Run the following query to update the 'enableArchive15' setting to 'N':

    update parameter_descriptions set DefaultValue='N' where Parameter='enableArchive15';

  3. Run the following query to update the 'enableRPR' setting to 'Y':

    update parameter_descriptions set DefaultValue='Y' where Parameter='enableRPR';

  4. Recycle all CA NFA* and NetQos* services on the Harvester, NFA Console, and DSA.

  5. Wait about 15 minutes and check whether you are now seeing 15 minute historical data by checking the interface reports for a time frame of greater than 2 hours.


Component: NQRPTA