UIM How can we find configuration details from the Oracle probe
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UIM How can we find configuration details from the Oracle probe


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Our customer would like to find out configuration details from the Oracle probe like Profile Name, etc. Is there a way to get this information like in a report?


Release : Any release of Oracle probe (as of writing this Article, the oracle probe release is 5.45)

Component : UIM - ORACLE


You could use the Raw Configure utility to extract the information.

1) Login as adminstrator in adminconsoleapp from browser using the url:

http(s)://<the IP Address of your Primary Hub Server>:<port number>/adminconsoleapp/ 


2) Click on Robots then select the appropriate robot (by clicking on the robot name) where oracle probe is deployed:

3) Go to the robot where oracle probe is deployed, click the three inline buttons:

4. Click on "View Probe Utility in New Window":

5. Click on "get_status" then click on the green triangle:

6. You would see the profile details: 

7. Similarly, you could view different information selecting the different "get_" option:

You could then extract the information required manually from the above outputs and provide them to the client.