ARD - GTService sporadically shutsdown when running ALM Export
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ARD - GTService sporadically shutsdown when running ALM Export


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CA Agile Requirements Designer



After applying the ARD patch, we have started seeing sporadic behavior with the GTService, where the service sporadically shuts down when running make data, and exporting test cases to ALM. This behavior does not happen for ARD

We have tested the TDMService, and so far that service seems to be stable and does not shutdown with ARD However, we are reluctant to putting the patch into production, until we understand why it introduced this unexpected behavior.

For now our users are still running ARD, which still has the problem of Make Data variables not being saved properly after a flow is closed. Therefore, we need to understand the cause of this odd behavior, so that we are comfortable putting the patch in production.


Release : 3.1

Component : CA Agile Requirements Designer


Suspected Cause:

ARD has some additional code to take care of sending variables from subflows.

ARD doesn’t send any variables mapped in subflows to the ADGLink file, which was a reported defect.

The problem was found to be with some legacy flows, which were set up for ALM exports long before ARD When we tried to resolve variables related to subflow, which referred to other TDoD flows (mapped in past), but no longer in use, and thus causing GTService to shut down when attempting to resolve subflow variables that do not exist anymore. 


Manually checked each subflow to ensure mapping with TDoD flows are correct, and ensure the GTService is not brought down.

The long term preventative solution is to upgrade TDM to TDM 4.9.1 or greater, and use the TDMService, which is a more modern service, and supported by the TDM Engineering team.