ISERVE abends with SA03 after Goalnet LU62 CNOS ATTN
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ISERVE abends with SA03 after Goalnet LU62 CNOS ATTN


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Jobtrac Global Subsystem (GSS) Common Services


After a VTAM LU6.2 ATTN CNOS exit is triggered ISERVE abends with a SA03.   The abend was caused by GOALNET processing after being driven for a VTAM CNOS request.  This is corrected by fix ST14658.


Release : 11.0

Component : JOBTRAC


A SA03 abend occurs after a VTAM LU6.2 ATTN CNOS exit is triggered.  When this occurs, the CNOS ATTN exit has been called many times in a few milliseconds.  GSS has scheduled an IMOD to set the new CNOS values into the VTAM LU6.2 session parameters.  The return address from the VTAM ATTN exit is CVTEXIT (SVC 3).   The SA03 ABEND occurs because SVC 3 terminates the main TCB of the GSS address space when it should only terminate the RB of the ATTN exit.                                                        
To address this, apply fix ST14658 which adds a new table of LU6.2 nodes where the CNOS values for each session is saved. If the CNOS value for the session has not changed since the last call, the IMOD is not scheduled.  This reduces overhead in the GSS address space and the opportunity for SA03 ABENDs. 

As always, please contact Broadcom support for Jobtrac Job Management if you have further questions.