GCTABD226E Application 'MIMDRBGN' failed - System abend E38-0000
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GCTABD226E Application 'MIMDRBGN' failed - System abend E38-0000


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MIM Resource Sharing (MIM) MIM Data Sharing (MII) MIM Tape Sharing (MIA) MIM Message Sharing (MIC)


While bring up our DR systems for testing, A VM system that runs MIMGR r12 received the following:
GCTABD226E Application 'MIMDRBGN' failed - System abend E38-0000
This runs fine at our primary location. Couldn't find information on this abend. 
Tried a restart with format chkpt, but same abend. 


Release : 12.0
Component : MIA FOR VM


It sounds as though the control file has been defined incorrectly on the newest system.


Complete symptoms may look similar to

MIM0216 I/O error file 00 sense 8002 ...
CSIABD226E in MIMDRBGN abend E38 for GCS .

MIM0216 Sense 8002 is caused by a control file that is linked in read only mode.

Check the following:
1) The pack where the control file resides is defined as shared to VM on the new system.
2) The MDISK statement has MWV and that there is only 1 MDISK statement.
    (This should be for one of the original VM systems.)
3) The LINK statement has MW.(For all other systems not using the MDISK statement.)

Additional Information

Bookshelf with PDFs for the MIM/VM 12.0 manuals is located here

Current MIM/VM 12.0 doc is here 

E38 is a VM system abend. 

 Module:  GCTENQ                                                             
 Explanation:  A parameter that is not supported in the GCS environment was  
 coded in a call to the ENQ macro. The parameter is one of the following:    
 o   SMC=STEP                                                                
 o   SYSTEM, SYSTEMS                                                         
 o   TCB                                                                     
 o   Multiple requests with one macro call.                                  
 User Response:  Change the macro call so that it uses only supported