Number of resources required to respond to an Action Item
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Number of resources required to respond to an Action Item


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We have a requirement to create a user-defined process to have multiple resources respond to an Action Item.

  1. Custom process notifying a custom group with three resources
  2. The requirement is that at least two resources have respond it, for move to the next step
  3. Modifying the post condition is possible to configure this action


Applies to all supported PAS environments.  


The steps that you need apply:

  1. Create a new Step named 'Notifying a Group' in your process definition
  2. In the Step, create an Action Item (Manual) selecting the Group for notification
  3. Actions section / Selected column = 'Approved'
  4. Set Post conditions of this step, defined to require 2 or more resources approving the action item:

    actionitem.Start.ActionItem-id_of_my_system_action.assignees-APPROVED >= 2

With the above post-condition, it is necessary that at least two resources must respond for the workflow move the next step in the process. If the requirement is to add more resources, change the number 2 for the required amount.  


Release: ESPCLA99000-13.2-Clarity-Extended Support Plus