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Change Personal Default Values for Resource Workloads Portlet


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By default when you go to Resource Workloads Portlet, select 'Configure' option and then 'Time-scaled Value' appears these values as default
Rolling Date = Start of Current Week
Time Scale = Week
Number of Time Periods = 10


If you need to change these values for your own personal configuration, follow this instructions to make a a configuration change in the application.

  1. From the Home menu, go to Resource Workloads Portlet
  2. From the 'Options' Icon (it appears as a 'gear' symbol') Click on 'Configure'
  3. On 'List Column Section' Tab, click on 'Fields'
  4. Allocation [virtual] field, click on Properties icon
  5. Change the values as desired - note allocations are sliced in a limited date range and only go back 2 weeks; be sure not to see the start date too far back
  6. Save


Note: This change only will change the values of the logged user, the others users will continue seeing the default values, namely, is a change by user, not as global setting. To change the configuration for all users, go to the Resource Workloads Portlet definition in Studio Administration.

For more details on the date range scope of Resource Allocation Time Slices in the application TSV views, refer to TEC439086 : Error Received: [The time periods requested do not exist. Review the column's Time Scale settings.]


Release: ESPCLA99000-13.2-Clarity-Extended Support Plus