Linux ARD Hub Keycloak Version
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Linux ARD Hub Keycloak Version


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CA Agile Requirements Designer


What is the reason the Linux ARD Hub is using Keycloak version 5.0.0?

Keycloak 11.0.0 version is available and being used currently.

Is Keycloak version 5.0.0 mandatory for ARD Hub to work, or can Keycloak version 11.0.0 be used?


Release : 3.1

Component : CA Agile Requirements Designer


ARD has not upgraded the Keycloak version since the first iteration of ARD Hub.

Currently, only version 5.0.0 is supported, therefore the ARD hub should only run on this version.

The keycloak integration started in mid-2019 as Keycloak 5.0 and that was the latest version at the time as it upgraded many user-management related tables.

Keycloak 5.0 is a very stable version and that is the reason it should be used.