Jenkins Build Task Returns: Please check endpoint or project properties
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Jenkins Build Task Returns: Please check endpoint or project properties


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Continuous Delivery Director Continuous Delivery Director SAAS


We are trying to execute a Jenkins Build Task from CDD but keep getting the following error:
"Please check endpoint or project properties. - Please check endpoint or project properties.




Release : SAAS

Component : Jenkins Plugin v1.3.0.b59



There were 7 parameters defined on the job but only 6 were being passed into Jenkins from the task. 


The last parameter was an optional parameter in Jenkins, but since we were passing the parameters in we had to ensure to pass that as well but make it an empty string if a value was not needed for the execution. 



Go through each of the parameters to identify the missing parameter and provide the value in the task. Alternatively, review the cdd-jenkins-plugin.log and search for "Jenkins project parameter must be defined". This will show the parameter it had problems with. Example:

2020-11-16 17:23:13 [sample] [http-nio-8080-exec-5] [] ERROR c.c.c.p.j.m.BuildParametersHolder - ParameterValidationResults:[ParameterValidationResult{name='<paramName>', hasProblem=true, reason='Jenkins project parameter must be defined - it has no default value, parameter: '}]



Version 1.3.0.b150/1.3.0-2 of the cdd-jenkins-plugin provides the parameter names for parameters it did not have values for, but needed. In the example below, the parameter names were Param1 and Param2. When both of these parameters did not include a default value, they were both returned as needing values. When a default value was specified (in Jenkins) for Param1 and no value was supplied through CDD it returns a message similar to the one below - for Param2 only and when a value for Param2 was supplied via CDD it ran successfully.