Notification emails are not received post Performance Management upgrade
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Notification emails are not received post Performance Management upgrade


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Recently upgraded Performance Management. One of my users contacted me to say that his email notifications have stopped arriving.  As the administrator, I recreated his notifications under my account and the emails are working.  I suggested he delete his and recreate them. He is still not able to get email notification.

Notification emails from Performance Management Events are not being received by all users. Some users still receive the emails, others do not.


DX NetOps Performance Management releases:

  • r20.2.8 and older
  • r21.2.3 and older


Specific cause is still under investigation.

When a user configured with Access Permissions (Group access) allowing access to anything other than the 'All Groups' Group, the user's permissionid is added to a group check (eg 'My Assigned Groups'). This is causing the evaluation of the Notification Rules filter to fail due to it not finding the Event item as a match.

With the Notification Rule filter not finding a match for the Event when it should, it results in no attempt to send an email.


This is a known issue that is being addressed by engineering via defect ID DE473675.

The fix for this issue is included in r20.2.9 and newer releases as well as in r21.2.4 and newer releases.

Upgrade to one of those or newer releases for a permanent fix.

The known tested work around to the problem is creating the Notification Rule as a user configured with Access Permissions to ONLY the 'All Groups' Group.

The key is the user can't have 'My Custom Groups' Enabled, nor can they have any other Group listed. It MUST have ONLY the 'All Groups' Group.

Correct configuration looks like this:

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