TPX address space experiencing high CPU
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TPX address space experiencing high CPU


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TPX - Session Management


In a TPX Generic Resource environment, one of the TPX images is experiencing high CPU usage.


Release : 5.4

Component : CA-TPX for Z/OS


This is symptomatic of a TPX VSAM database (ADMIN!, ADMIN2....etc) not being reorged in a very long time.

One of the most common reasons among many, can be that a user record is locked or corrupted, causing the TPX 'monitor' queue backing up, resulting in wait time for processing.
The Ci/CA splits in the VSAM database need to be attended to in order to avoid unpredictable results. A Reorg will eliminate the condition.

Review the recommended procedures in the Additional information section below, for keeping the TPX VSAM database healthy.

Additional Information

Knowledge articles:

- Article 27361: How do I keep my TPX VSAM databases in 'healthy' shape?

- Article 229752: Recommended procedure to REORG TPX VSAM ADMIN1/ADMIN2 databases

- Article 229806: Recommended procedure to REORG TPX MAIL /NOTES /VIEW VSAM databases

- Article 26440: TPX RESET INTEGRITY (BATCHINI) - What it is and when it should be run