OS Mapping with regards to ITCM to ITAM Discovery and Import
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OS Mapping with regards to ITCM to ITAM Discovery and Import


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The following article describes some of the background activity when an ITCM based device is being imported as an asset in ITAM, namely how the OS mapping works.


Release : 14.1 and higher

Component : CA Asset Portfolio Management


When syncing between ITCM and ITAM, it is important to keep in mind that the ITCM table ca_agent_prop contains OS entries that will make their way into ITAM.

In ITAM, the al_discovered_hardware table is populated from the ca_dicovered_hardware table with the help of a backend DB Stored Procedure - AL_PUSH_CA_DISCO_TO_AL_DISCO.  The Stored Procedure’s query INSERTS the ITCM table's ca_agent_prop.genOS value into the operating_system field of al_discovered_hardware, which is then reconciled to ca_owned_resource. 

The above is functionality that has been in place since ITAM release 14.1 to early releases of 17.3 (up to GA).  In later releases of the ITAM/ITCM integration, the OS derivation is planned to be updated to provide a more accurate read of the actual OS value that ITCM is to provide to ITAM.