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Indian users running WSSA agent are getting connected to Hong Kong (GCNHK) Data Center


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Cloud Secure Web Gateway - Cloud SWG


Users physically located in India,that usually were connecting to GINCH were being sent to Hong Kong instead.

WSSA logs confirming that CTC response was sending them to Hong Kong (GCNHK) instead of the GINCH / GINMU pops.


Impacted client were running WSS Agent.

CFS license enabled for the tenant.

Impacted users physically located in India.


Customer had installed a trial license of WSS Cloud Firewall Service (CFS).

CFS was not active on the Indian Data Center at the time, and since CTC recognised that the tenant had the CFS license it responded with the IP address of the nearest data center running CFS. In this case, CTC responded advertising Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan.


Removed the CFS license that was only needed for testing.

CFS is now available in GINMU (Mumbai) and GINDE (Delhi) pops.