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Encryption Management Server Bounce Messages contain the original message


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If Encryption Management Server cannot find a recipient key when attempting to encrypt an outbound message, by default it bounces the message back to the sender.

The bounce message uses the template Message Bounced -- No Encryption Key Available which is located under Mail / Message Templates in the administration console.

This template contains this variable:


The value of this variable is the body of the email message that could not be delivered.

If you remove this variable from the template, when you save the template you see this error message and the template will be reset automatically to its default values:

An Error Has Occurred

An unexpected error has occurred. Please check the logs for details.


Symantec Encryption Management Server 3.4.2 and above.


Each template shows a list of variables that can be used within the template. If the Required? column contains Yes, the variable is required and should not be removed.

The $ORIGINAL_BODY variable is required in the Message Bounced -- No Encryption Key Available template.