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After resetting log RBAs to zero in a non-Data Sharing DB2 environment are there any requirements for CA Log Analyzer for DB2 for z/OS?


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After resetting the log RBAs to zero on a non-Data Sharing DB2 subsystem, are there any requirements to have CA Log Analyzer for DB2 for z/OS (PLA) execute with the reset RBA values?


After following IBM's instructions for resetting the log RBAs to zero, create a new ENABLExx member in your highlvl.CDBAPARM (if not already present). Specify the reset RBA timestamp that is recorded in the MASTER log or use the value returned from running a DSNJU004 (use the timestamp of the first ARCHIVE Log after reset) representing when the RBA reset occurred.

Example of entry within ENABLExx member:

PLA-SSID-RBA-RESET-TS (2013-03-24-

If executing PLA under the r15 release please make certain PTF RO37387 is applied. This maintenance is incorporated into higher releases of PLA.


Component: PLA