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OC/USM Inventory shows the robot with the old origin


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We changed the origin on a robot followed by a clean niscache, _reset_device_id_and_restart and a device delete from the OC/ USM Inventory but the robot still populates with the old origin.

Why is the robot populated with old origin?







Release : Any version

Component : UIM - HUB


This issue is seen when a source in the UIM Infrastructure, robot/device/probe still has the robot with the old origin


Review the CM_DEVICE , CM_COMPUTER_SYSTEM_ATTR and CM_DEVICE_ATTRIBUTE to identify source that is populating the robot instances


Query output below shows two sources for myrobot in the cm_device table with cs_id 9

select * from CM_DEVICE where dev_name = 'myrobot'

Query output that shows the source for instance with dev_id D178969C6126FF300828A6BDA529AE6D9. In this scenario the source is Myhub

select * from CM_DEVICE where dev_id = 'D0E16BA354D984C87C5060477FA9395BC'

Query output that returns all attributes for a given dev_id and note the origin dev_attr_key value.

select * from CM_DEVICE_ATTRIBUTE where dev_id = 'D178969C6126FF300828A6BDA529AE6D9'

Steps to remove Oldorigin from Myhub 

1. Navigate to the robot via Infrastructure Manager and select the controller probe on Myhub and press Ctrl-P. The probe utility window will pop up.
2. Click the Options Icon - (second icon from the right) Select the 'Expert Mode' checkbox, Click Ok.
3. Now, in the "Probe Commandset" select _nis_cache_clean and click the Green Arrow to send the command request.
4. Delete the myrobot robot from the OC/USM Inventory list, Uncheck options "Delete Measurement and "Prevent rediscovery"

myrobot  robot should now only populate with Neworigin