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Spectrum Webapp displays odd behavior - model handle errors, events showing red box, user models showing incorrectly, etc


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CA Spectrum


When using the Spectrum OneClick Webapp, odd display issues may be seen.  For example:

1.  A device model showing as a port.  

2. A container model showing up as a device.

3. The topology showing different objects (in WebApp it is showing some indiscriminate port models, where as java OC is showing the correct topology)

4. Troubleshooter model names showing incorrectly.

5.  Users being added and showing up as a power supply.

6.  NCM changes link shows an error - Could not obtain the information required to show the changes

7.  Polling Device shows the following:

8.  Cannot delete device



Release : 10.4.x


Model Bits were not set in the WebApp config


1. Download the oneclick.jnlp file (through start console) and open the file in edit mode and look for "model_bits" parameter and copy the entire parameter along with its value for example: -model_bits 24

Note: The value for model_bits might be different in your environment (example: -model_bits 20). Be sure to use the value from your oneclick.jnlp file.

2. Open the webapp config : http://ochost:webapp_port/spectrum then login with spectrum/spectrum, click on manage and then edit the config

3. Look for Main Arguments and add the same model_bits parameter just before ${customArgs}. The Main Arguments will look like this :

-contextPort 43000 -compress 9 -model_bits 24 ${customArgs}

Note: as an alternative the webswing.config file can be modified directly, and webtomcat restarted afterwards

4. Save the configuration. Close any already running webapp and relaunch webapp and then try to reproduce the issue. If the issue still exists, restart the WebTomcat process.

Additional Information

The oddities are only being seen in Webapp, the classic OneClick client will always show the correct topology with the correct model information.