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Running a scheduled job using 'Run Now' does not include any options enabled in the 'More Options' for Data Collection or Collection-Evaluation-Reporting (CER) jobs


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Control Compliance Suite Control Compliance Suite Standards Server


Control Compliance Suite (CCS)

If you run a scheduled job by using the 'Run Now' option, it does not seem to use the options that were enabled under the 'More options' in the scheduled Data Collection or the CER job.


CCS 12.5.x

CCS 12.6.x


The parameters in the 'More Options' are only applied when a scheduled Data Collection job or a CER job is run.  If you use the option 'Run Now' (or right click on the job 'Run job now') on a scheduled job, any parameters that are set in the 'More Options' will not be applied to that job run.


This is working as designed.  For those parameters to be applied, the job will need to be scheduled to run and running it manually will cause the job to be run without those parameters. 

If you run the job as 'Run Now', the job will run normally but any parameters listed in the 'More Options' will not be applied to that specific job run.