Scheduled FAQS events or IMODS not executing after IPL.
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Scheduled FAQS events or IMODS not executing after IPL.


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FAQS - Automated Systems Operation


After an upgrade to zVSE 6.2 we have noticed after an IPL (this system is not IPLed very often, only for time change and scheduled upgrades) there is at least one event that is in the current event schedule, and shows scheduled to run (every 5 minutes to release a job), that fails to run after the system is IPLed. If I use the RESET option on the display current events panel, it will then run as defined. Both of these 2 recent IPLs have occurred after midnight, and also after the current event table has been automatically loaded by FAQS. Here is the console log showing the Event being loaded just past midnight, then the system was IPLed, and for one occurrence during the IPL, the event was executed but FAQSAO was not active yet. After that, it was not executed until I issued the RESET at 13:41. The event @MUNK001 was in the current event list with a status of SCHEDULED. It should be run every 5 minutes, but nothing from 0045 to 1341 when I did the RESET. 

GJJ830I 0000086 CURRENT EVENTS LOADED FROM 0000194 MASTER EVENTS  00:00:02 11/15/2020  
5161 F8 0008 &AO @MUNK001                                         00:45:19 11/15/2020 
5162 F8 0008 GAO304E FAQSAO TASK NOT ACTIVE                       00:45:19 11/15/2020 
36368 F8 0008 &AO @MUNK001                                         13:41:40 11/15/2020 
(this occurred after I issued the RESET) 


Release : 5.1

Component : CA FAQS Production Control System for z/VSE


This is working as it always has. If FAQSAO is not running the Imod can't run. PCS will have Scheduled (SCHD) the IMOD it but has no way on knowing why it's staying in that SCHD status. As for when FAQSAO comes back up . Again JCLSCHED has no reason to relook at SCHD Jobs thus the Event would never be automatically RESET.

A way to at least be aware that there is a problem would be to use the "MAX RUN TIME" feature in the Event definition. It could be set to 5 mins (0005) which would put a "GJJ1002E" msg on the console to indicate that the Imod is still in SCHD. If the Imod finishes before the 5 mins nothing happens and the Event will run again in 5 Mins as normal.