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Unable to create containers in web app


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CA Spectrum CA eHealth


The Model Creation of Creating Containers (Examples: Network or LAN) does not work in the Spectrum WebApp but does work in the Spectrum Java Console.


Release : 10.3

Component : Spectrum OneClick


Webbapp  issue is due to the missing model_bits parameter in the webapp confguration. 


Please follow the below steps to resolve the issue:

1. Download the oneclick.jnlp file(through start console) and open the file in edit mode and look for "model_bits" parameter and copy the entire parameter along with its value for example: -model_bits 24

2. Open the webapp config : http://ochost:webapp_port/spectrum then login with spectrum/spectrum, click on manage and then edit the config

3. Look for Main Arguments and add the same model_bits parameter just before ${customArgs}. The Main Arguments will look like : -contextPort 43000 -compress 9 -model_bits 24 ${customArgs}

4. Save the configuration. Close any exsting webapps, restart webtomcat.