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Error PPM-002 when editing monitors in Oracle probe (RAC)


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Every time a modification of the threshold for any monitor, for example for checkpoint check_db_alive, is attempted, the following error message is displayed:

Internal Server Error: Unexpected/Unknown error occurred
Error code: PPM-002

but neither ppm.log nor oracle_monitor.log show errors. It is worth noting that there are no errors when opening the configuration or editing any setting other than the threshold.



Release : 9.x

Component : UIM - ORACLE

Oracle probe 5.45
PPM probe 3.51
Oracle RAC 12.2



For Oracle RAC, the ppm probe needs to be local to the robot where the oracle probe is installed.


Documentation states that, for Oracle RAC environments, the ppm probe should be installed in the same network segment as the oracle probe. However, it is required to deploy the ppm probe to the hub where the oracle probe is installed.

- In IM Archive, download latest version of probe ppm
- Deploy probe ppm to robot and primary hub 
- Deactivate/Activate to clean cache

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