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Differences and Similarities between an AA Reissue OTP operation and AA Create OTP operation


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Differences and Similarities between an AA Reissue OTP  operation and AA Create  OTP operation


Release : All Releases

Component : Authminder (Arcot WebFort) / RiskMinder(Arcot RiskFort)


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The table below highlights the differences and similiarities. 


Differences and Similarities between Create and Reissue of OTP credential


Is supported Out Of Box?

Requires a Create Credential to be executed ?

Can an alternate profile other than BasicOTPProfile be used?

CreateOTP operation


No (When executed a OTP Credential is created and can be executed multiple times)

Yes (if an alternate profile has been created)

Reissue OTP operation


Yes (Requires Create Credential before a Reissue)

Yes (if an alternate profile has been created)


Similarity - Both Create and Reissue operations allow for an alternate profile to be used (if alternate profile(s) have been  created for an Organization via the Admin UI).


Difference - Reissue OTP operation requires that a Create OTP operation was already completed for the OTP credential. If Create OTP credential not done then you will get the below error.



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