CSV Export corrupted if line break applied
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CSV Export corrupted if line break applied


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Exporting a.CSV of the project list within the Modern UX is not handling the line breaks in a string field correctly. The text is exported across two columns instead of the single it belongs to.

Steps to reproduce

1. Add string field  to the Project object

2. Exported to .csv as per standard functionality of project list (MUX)

3. Opened the file excel and separated the data to columns (by separator 'comma')

Actual Result: the string is split into several lines

Expected Result: cell G2 should contain entire string with breaks in the cell



This only seen on environments where Windows Customize Format has the decimal symbol set to a comma, ',' and the manually import the CSV file into Microsoft Excel


Advised that this does not occur with Microsoft Excel if the the .CSV files opened, directly, without importing the data.