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CA 1 Tape Management - BLP processing produces IEFTMS50 s1XX- 08 abend


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Using BLP processing to read data on a volser and receiving :

 IEFTMS50 1xx-08,jobname,stepname,ddname,dddd,vvvvvv,fsq,dsname,TMC=tmdsn17

IEFTMS50 ***** CA 1 ABEND,modulename,intercept#


Release : 14.0

Component : CA 1 Tape Management


BLP processing is the same as NL processing except that CA 1 Tape Management System processes any file sequence as a file sequence of 1 with BLP. The input data set name validity check as described for SL processing is performed. The data set name found in the TMC record for the volume and the DSN specified in the DD statement are used.


You can either can either code the dsname in the JCL or code
EXPDT=98000 to bypass CA-1 control.

Additional Information

The following link has more details on this :