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Additional settings displayed as updated when saving portal settings for the first time


Article ID: 203428


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Information Centric Analytics Data Loss Prevention Core Package


The first time a user modifies and saves any general portal setting after performing a new installation of ICA, they are notified of multiple additional settings that will be updated:

  • Enable Viewing My Data In Motion Incidents
  • Enable Vulnerability Navigation
  • Inherent Risk description
  • Remove Hard-Coded Connections from Details Grid Queries if they Match Stored Connections
  • Remove Hard-Coded Metric Dashboard Configuration Connections on Application Startup if they Match Stored Connections


Release : 6.5.x

Component : Settings


This is a known issue that does not recur after the initial save and notification the first time after ICA has been installed. No changes are made to the settings listed in the notification window unless the user explicitly made changes to them.