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SEDR Scanner role appliances need to be reimaged if the Management Appliance is OSRestored


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Endpoint Detection and Response - Hardware Endpoint Detection and Response with Network Sensor Endpoint Detection and Response


A SEDR Scanner must also be re-installed, if the management server it was connected to, was reinstalled.


SEDR Manager Appliance role with connected SEDR Scanner role appliance(s)


Once bound to a management server, the SEDR Scanner cannot be switched to another management server without being reinstalled. Running bootstrap again on the scanner will not work and is not supported.


If the SEDR Manager Appliance is redeployed or OSRestored, all connected Scanners need to be OSrestored or redeployed as well. It is not sufficient to rebootstrap the Scanners with the same Management password.

The Scanners may cause slowdowns and network interruptions if they are not properly restored or redeployed.