Vantage Windows Client - Host List always remains completely empty
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Vantage Windows Client - Host List always remains completely empty


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After the Admin logged out of my machine for me to start the client with my permissions, I was able to access the Host List without the error message but now, unfortunately, the Host List always remains completely empty despite having successfully defined a host connection (where the test connection has been successful and the "saving host definition" message appears). 


Release : 12.7

Component : CA Vantage Storage Resource Manager


The databases used by Windows Client were installed together with the rest of Windows Client files in Program Files folder. Making any changes under Program Files require special Administrative permission. This is controlled by Microsoft User Access Control(UAC) together with its feature VirtualStore. Because of this, Admin user running Windows Client will read/write data in databases stored directly under Program files folder. Windows client running under user without Administrator privileges then making attempts to read/write into protected location by UAC. Windows automatically will intercept this write requests and redirect them into C:\Users\<UserName>\AppData\Local\VirtualStore
This making Windows Client running under user without Administrative privileges to show an empty host list and use a not correct Database.
While the user with Admin privileges using the correct database from Program Files.

Using a different folder for the databases than Program Files should correct the issue and Windows Client should work normally also under user without administrator privilege. I would like to suggest to reinstall Windows Client back to v12.7.871.3 and store databases in a different location than Program Files.