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Clarity Scheduler: Project Finish Date cannot be brought in if the attribute is locked by a process


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If you have the project finish date locked by a custom process, you can extend the project finish date with XOG, MSP or OWB changes, but the finish date cannot be brought be in to an earlier date.

There are neither assignments nor team members to lock in the dates with a curve.

This worked without issue in 12.1.1 and appears to have changed behaviors with 12.1.3.X.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Create a new process that locks the start and finish date of a project upon creation

  2. Validate and Activate the process

  3. Created a new project with start and finish of 12.4.2012 to 6.25.2013

  4. Verify process triggered to lock the start and finish date

  5. Opened in MSP added a task and changed task finish date to 6/26/2013

  6. Saved project back to clarity

  7. Checked project in Clarity - finish date now matched the task finish - extended to 6/26/2013 - schedlog shows this date sent through or project and task finish date

  8. Change task finish in MSP into 6/24/2013 and saved

  9. Checked dates in clarity and schedlog.

Expected Result: Project Finish Date to display as 6/24/2013 and schedlog to reflect 6/24/2013 as project and task finish dates

Actual Result: Project Finish Date is still 6/26/2013 in spite of schedlog clearly showing we sent 6/24/2013 through for the task and project finish date



Release: ESPCLA99000-13.2-Clarity-Extended Support Plus




Unlock the attribute