Error: “The Landscape is Not Available” generated when using Spectrum Service Editor
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Error: “The Landscape is Not Available” generated when using Spectrum Service Editor


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CA Spectrum


Users are getting "The Landscape is Not Available " when using Service Editor. However, when using the Spectrum Admin account, then Service Editor works without any issues.


DX NetOps 20.2 or later Spectrum 


The Synchronise Now button under the OneClick -> Users tab -> User -> Component Detail, will sync all the users models across the landscapes with the master user model.

When this issue occurs, the problem is usually that the MLS only has the spectrum (admin) user model. This is not right, it should have all user models registered to it.

So login as the spectrum user account and click on Synchronise Now and this should resolve it. If others users still experience the issue, then click on Synchronize Now for those users as well or try the Sync With Master button in the

OneClick WEB GUI -> Administration -> Landscapes page 

If there are many users experiencing this, then we have a script (attached below - that can automate the process for synchronising the user models. After downloading it, unzip it and copy it to the following directory on the MLS:


Then, at the command line (bash -login), go to this directory and change its execution permissions so it can be run:

chmod og+rx user_mdl_10103.scp

Then run it:


This should update and sync all the user models across the DSS and you should see output for each user similar to:

+ for MHandle in `./show models mth=0x10004 | grep "^0x" | cut -d' ' -f1 `

+ echo ========= 0x100058 =========

+ echo ========= 0x100058 =========

========= 0x100058 =========

+ ./update action=0x10103 mh=0x100058

update action: successful

Response has 0 attributes:

+ sleep 10

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