Allocate from Estimates Does not update Allocation
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Allocate from Estimates Does not update Allocation


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Clarity PPM On Premise Clarity PPM SaaS


After running Allocate from Estimates, the allocation did not update to match the ETCs.

There are no actuals on the project, so no Actual Thru date. What could be causing the problem?


The application allows ETC hours prior to the resource's Date of Hire. However, it does not allow allocation hours prior to this date. 

If the resource has ETC hours prior to their Date of Hire, and Allocate from Estimates is run, only the allocations after the resource's hire date will be updated to match the ETC hours for those periods. Allocations prior to the date of hire date will not be updated to match the ETC's on those time periods. This would lead to a difference between the ETC and allocation hours as ETC exists for periods where allocations cannot. 

To have the allocation and ETC hours matching after running Allocate from Estimates in this scenario, the ETC hours would need to be updated to exist only on periods after the resource's hire date. The resource's hire date can be found on the resource properties under Home - Resources.