Does Datacom provide a Java SDK?
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Does Datacom provide a Java SDK?


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Datacom DATACOM - AD Datacom/DB


Does Datacom provide an SDK for Java applications with interfaces and required connectors to perform tasks with Datacom such as read and write and the logical data types that will be returned (DTO)?



Release : 15.1

Component : DATACOM/DB


Datacom does not provide an SDK.
The only way to access Datacom from Java applications at the moment is with the Datacom Server JDBC driver.

The latest JDBC driver is available from the highest numbered published PTF for Datacom/Server. Currently, as of October 2020, the highest published PTF is SO07525.

Additional Information

See Datacom Server Solutions & Patches to find the latest PTFs.

See Article 71700 for how to install it.