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Unable to create new team instances on the Mondern UX


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Clarity PPM On Premise Clarity PPM SaaS



There is a custom field on the resource object, configured as required (value required). 
Trying to add new team instances on the new UI then will fail with an error "CMN-0007: Attribute '<required_attribute_ID>' is required."


1. Add a new attribute in the Resource object, in the Classic UI (Administration => Studio => Objects => Resource => Attributes => New)  
Object: Resource | Attribute: - Object Attribute

2. Attribute Name: Test Team Resource,
Attribute ID: test_team_resource.

3. Configure it as Value Required and save the new attribute on the Resource Object.

4. On the Modern UX, navigate to Resources and add a new Team.

Expected Results: New team/row is created on the Resources grid.

Actual Results: The new team is not created, and it fails with the error
"CMN-0007: Attribute 'test_team_resource' is required." 


Clarity PPM 15.x


This is caused by Defect DE58674


After SE (Engineering) reviewing Defect DE58674, it is stated that this is working by design.

Based on the current design, the only way to be able to create a new Team is to set the default value in Studio on the Resource Object for any required fields. 

Workaround: Configure a default value for the required attribute on the Resource object.