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Robot Deployment with an XML File fails - The RPC server is unavailable. 


Article ID: 203215


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)



Multiple Domains in Active Directory in UIM Infrastructure
**(Primary UIM Server/Secondary hub) reside on *
**(Target robot) resides on *

USM Robot deployment with an XML file fails with error "The RPC server is unavailable

Error in the automated_deployment_engine.log

TRACE AutomatedDeploymentEngineProbe - ADE - get_status callback PDS dump:
JobStatus=Failed, JobDescription=Automated deployment job Created at 1603907368726, EndTime=1603907390062, JobName=automated_deployment-1603907368725, StartTime=1603907368738, , JobID=d89ab85d0f1b40f29f6def332bc2c485  StatusTable: Status=Failed, Type=Host, TaskId=1, Invoke of: ConnectServer
Source: SWbemLocator
Description: The RPC server is unavailable.
(HRESULT = '-2147023174'), Address=, Version=Latest, Invoke of: ConnectServer



Release : Any version

Component : UIM - ADE


This issue is seen when Prerequisites are not met.


USM Robot deployment with an XML file is not supported when the source system and target systems are not on the same domain.

See "Verify Prerequisites" section in the Bulk Robot Deployment with an XML File

Robots for Windows systems must be deployed from Hubs running Windows. The source system and target systems must also be in the same Windows domain, unless the target systems are in the default Windows domain workgroup.