CA Datacom moving files across multiple extent volumes
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CA Datacom moving files across multiple extent volumes


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Datacom DATACOM - AD Datacom/DB


We are moving CA Datacom database files spread across multiple volumes using DFDSS (BACKUP then RESTORE - uncatalog rename).

How does Datacom resolve the files on the new volumes in the catalog? Does the CXX need to be updated?


Release : 15.1

Component : CA DATACOM/DB


The CXX only stores the dataset name for Datacom areas.  If the dataset name is changed then the CXX needs to be modified with the new name.

Datacom does not store volume information for datasets in the CXX so there is no need to make changes to the CXX when moving files to new volumes. The list of volume serial numbers is obtained from the z/OS catalog. 



Additional Information

For information on renaming files in the CXX see article 30470 which has sample JCL.