Installing plug-ins silently
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Installing plug-ins silently


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Workload Automation Agent


Is it possible to install a plug-in (specifically a database plug-in at this point but all plug-ins really) silently in a 12.0 agent?  I know an agent can be installed silently but I'm not finding any documentation saying that a plug-in can be.  We have an application team who wants a database plug-in on a docker container agent and this all needs to be automated so it's a big problem to be prompted for the database information.  The only documentation I find is on this page  The example output on that page shows it prompting eight times for information.  However it doesn't say anything about what the override flag in this command:  plugininstaller <config file> <agent directory> [<stdin path> [<force override flag>]].  Does that flag have something to do with installing silently?  I'm not sure why this wouldn't be possible so maybe I'm just missing something.  Please provide any information you can.  Thanks.


Release : 12.0

Component : CA Workload Automation Agent for Databases


Currently, there is no option or flag to install agent plug-ins in Agent 12.0 silently. However, you can provide a standard input file for the PluginInstaller utility that contains the response based on the agent plugin you want to install.

For example, using the output of database plug-in installation below;
./PluginInstaller /addons/database.cfg /opt/CA/WA_Agent
Please enter the database type
1: Oracle
2: SQL Server
3: DB2
4: Sybase
5: Teradata
6: PostgreSQL
--> 1
Please enter the database host:
Please enter the database port: 1521
Please enter the database SID: ORCL
Please enter the default database user ID: dbuser
Please enter the password for the default database user ID:
Please reenter the password for the default database user ID:
Do you want to set up the alias? (Y/N): Y
Extracting /opt/CA/WA_Agent/ ...
Updating agent configuration file /opt/CA/WA_Agent/agentparm.txt ...
Agent configuration file has been updated
The agent requires JDBC drivers for the database you are using.
Before starting the agent, obtain the drivers from your database
provider, and place them in the following directory: /jars/ext subdirectory.

Installer successful. Agent can now be restarted

You can create a stdin file in /tmp with the following seven lines;


Stop the agent and run the PluginInstaller from agent installation directory;

./PluginInstaller /addons/database.cfg /opt/CA/WA_Agent /tmp/stdin

Note: For the database user password (xxxxxx), encrypt the password using the password utility provided with the agent.