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Admin Console - Deploying groups of robots or probes for massive deployments


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


I used to work with "groups" of robots within the IM, by using tags and creating groups, in order to deploy probes templates. Problem is that groups management in IM is very unstable and when working with big amounts, it gets hang and all the progress is lost. Therefore, I am interested in managing groups of robots through the admin console. I have searched for online material, but have only found data related to USM, which I am not interested in, since there is no access to the probe templates that are in Hub's archive. How can I manage groups through the Admin Console, in order to create static groups, maybe by importing a list of servers, or by using tags.


Release : 9.0.2



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You cannot use IM groups to deploy robots (other than a robot_update package), as they have to already have robots installed.

If it is new robot deployment, then USM discovery/robot deployment works as well as creating the hosts.xml file for the ADE. For mass deployment of probes/packages, if you use user tags for identification, then you can use the distribution tool in IM to select the packages to deploy and use the user tag in the filter. This still uses the distsrv for deployment, so performance is affected by the quantity of robots. With Admin Console, it is by hub and robotname filtering.

Currently, as to the best way to deploy a probe(s) and configuration template(s) to a large number of robots, +2,000, you could use the Admin Console to distribute the packages hub by hub for the sets of robots belonging to each hub.

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