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User is not able to see and change the Command Line for any Quick Software Delivery task


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Software Management Solution IT Management Suite Client Management Suite


Depending on the Role that a specific end-user has, they could be unable to see and change the "Command Line" under any Quick Software Delivery task.



ITMS 8.x


The user lacks permissions for the Role.
Command line is a resource type. The security Role needs at least "Read" permissions to the resource type and OU that the resource type is in and in other instances, some of the data classes used by the resource type.


Add "Read" and "Read Permission" under "Security Role Manager > View: Resource > Organizational Views > Default > All Resources > Software Command Line" to the Role that the end-user is part of.

  1. Open the ITMS console
  2. Go to Settings > Security > Security Role Manager
  3. Make sure that the Role is set to "Symantec Administrators"
  4. Under View, change it to "Resources"
  5. Go to Resource Management > Organizational Views > Default > All Resources and select Software Command Line
  6. At the right bottom corner, click on "Advanced" (A new popup will open)
  7. Add the Role that you want to the "Select the Security Role to edit permission"
  8. Select the new Role added and check the "Read" and "Read Permission"
  9. Click on "Save changes" and then "Cancel" (the new popup will close)
  10. Click "Save changes"
  11. Check if now you are able to see and change the "Command line" under your Quick Software Delivery task.