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Update a previous version of a file


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CA Harvest Software Change Manager CA Harvest Software Change Manager - OpenMake Meister


I have a file:12 in Dev stage, but there are later versions until file:15.

I want to update the file:12, is it possible?? is there any chance to update file:12??



Release : 13.0.3

Component : CA Harvest Software Change Manager


With Harvest you can only check out the latest version of the file for update. Previous versions can be checked out for browse mode only.


If you want the new latest version of your file (file:16) to contain the same thing as the older version (file:12) with a few changes, here’s how you can accomplish that:

1. Check out file:15 for update.
2. In a separate, temporary folder, check out file:12 for browse.
3. Change the checked out copy of file:12 to not be a “read-only” file, and then copy it into the folder where file:15 is, replacing the copy of file:15.
4. Edit the file and make any changes you need.
5. Check in the new file:16.