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APM for SSO :SPS Metric "operations responses per interval" has a cap value


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We're running a CA Access Gateway (SPS) and when activating libraries
for Application Performance Manager (APM), then the field "Operations
Responses per Interval" never gets a higher value than 2.

How can we fix that ?




According to the documentation, the product works as expected. You see
the CA Access Gateway (SPS) sending the same data as per
documentation, for which "Operations Responses per Interval" is
unfortunatly not included as this is stats about embedded Web Agent.

The CA Access Gateway (SPS) will send data as the documentation
states :

  Data Monitoring Using CA Application Performance Management

    Session Discovery
    Post Agent Session Writer
    Proxy rules Filter
    Noodle Servlet
    Java Web Agent
    HTTP Client
    Average response time for each backend web server
    ACCESS GATEWAY Wait time
    Proxy Rules fired off

and you see indeed the following being sent :

 Session Discovery


 Java Web Agent


 Post Agent Session Writer


 Proxy rules Filter


 Noodle Servlet


 HTTP Client


  Proxy Rules fired off




 Average response time for each backend web server

The integration is limited to these above stats. The other stats
you're looking for are about the Web Agent processing.

Unfortunately, there's no integration between CA Access Gateway (SPS)
embedded Agent and APM anymore, and that integration is limited to Web
Agent on certain Web Servers :

  how do I get APM agents for Secure Proxy Server (SPS) to show up in download area

   There is no longer a SPS product.

     Installation and Configuration

      Before you install and configure CA APM for CA SSO, complete the
      following steps:

      1. Install the following components on the system where you want to
     install CA APM for CA SSO:

     - CA SSO Policy Server
     - CA SSO Web Agent for IIS, Oracle iPlanet, Apache, IBM HTTP
       Server, Oracle HTTP Server, and/or Domino
     - CA APM EPAgent Host; ensure EPAgent is running and the HTTP
       Port and Network Data Port are accessible

     Note: Remember the Host Name, HTTP Port, and Network Data Port to
     be used during installation.

      2. Install the EPAgent on each Policy Server and Web Agent systems
     or maintain an EPAgent server to host all EPAgents.

Reading further the CA Access Gateway (SPS) documentation, if you set
in server.conf the enablemonitoring="yes" then the embedded Agent data
will be sent to the Policy Server and you'll be able to see these
Agent stats throught the OneView Monitor.

  Enable Data Monitoring :

     c. (Optional) To monitor the agent instance metrics configured with
     Access Gateway, set the following value:


     d.  Save the changes.

    3. Configure the ACO for each Web Agent that is configured with Access

  Monitor Web Agents with OneView Monitor

    OneView Monitor reports cache statistics and other information to
    Policy Server, which administrators can use to analyze and fine-tune
    the Web Agent. You control OneView monitor with the following


      Specifies whether the agent sends monitoring information to Policy

      Default: Yes